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I thought it was time to put up a little note on FRIENDING POLICY here: Basically I'm open to be friended for fic following purposes (though I'd rather like for the friends not to remain lurkers...) or any other reason. I'll have a look at your profile and entries and you have an active journal I'll friend you back, if there's not much there I won't because I assume that you only have your journal for reading purposes, no harm done. Well, that's kind of it, have fun with the masterlist.
Ok guys, I'm branching out due to my new bingo-addiction that means there will be some new fandoms around here soon, have fun!


Damn Sun : Well... AU since No Rest for the Wicked, apparently Sam and Hell go together no matter how or why he tries to save Dean.

Bureaucracy : Tag to Damn Sun, on the funny side of things there's the Devil in Detail
Oneshot: tag

Rainbow Men Masterpost : The guys look into something that sounds like a regular saltn'burn with not so regular political incorrectness concerning gays. They go undercover in Pittsburgh for their research. No actual wincest though.

Eyes Only : Totally forgot to link here, but well... better late. It's about Sam getting more than he's bargained for and liking it way more than he should.

Hope Against Heaven : Tag to 'on the head of a pin' a bit of Dean insight/inside...

All new - The Morningstar-Verse (yeah I got one too, now..):

Light-bearer: yeah, the obligatory apoca-fic. Lucifer rises, but something's not quite right. Yeah, right, they thought he'd be bigger...
Morningstar-verse I Five parts, Complete

OUT NOW in podfic. By the awesome [ profile] ladyrhyanne ore of the verse to come, people!

For the Nov-prompt: Dawning Day Luke discovers life on the road, the family business and some destiny...
Morningstar-verse II Oneshot

Coda to 5X18:  Like a light shining from your eyes  Dean and Michael. Stranger things have happened... (not in that way, perverts)

Supernatural Big Bang 2010: A Hunter's Legacy : Sam and Dean get a call from the past and suddenly there's family business and a seriously fairy problem ahead.

Now the Blood!Verse

Missing Scene Episode 6X05: Thicker Than Blood : Dean's urges are stronger than his control, Sam gives him something to focus on. Oneshot

Coda to Episode 6X06: Cold Blood : Dean has no bloodlust to excuse his actions anymore, but the need won't stop.

Meditation on Eternity: Sam is about to trap Lucifer in a different kind of prison. Oneshot

Devil's Advocate: Sam learns something very important while listening to the devil inside. Oneshot

From Glowing Embers Rise: The day after Castiel takes Lucifer away, Sam gets his wings. Oneshot

The Truth Lies Beneath: 2012 spncrossbigbang - Xover with Lie To Me. When Dean Winchester, one of the most notorious criminals at large in the US is caught, Dr. Cal Lightman is tasked to find out whether he's criminally insane or a stone-cold psychopath and one of the best liars he ever encountered.


Burning Bridges Masterpost : To quote my precious Birdie, something that was bound to happen, happens, but not the way it should have happened. In the end, they have to sort things out, fun with Chris and Chad on the side.

Supernatural pic_for_fic challenge May: Freak of nature - Dean and Jared muddle through some obstacle (like AUs and clothes of choice) together
Freak-verse Oneshot I

And since I have caved to the readers' wishes, there is a companion piece set for the August challenge of spn_pic_for_fic that has been posted: Nature of Freaks
Freak-verse Oneshot II

Another thing to add to my growing selection of things. I took part in the Drabble MEME challenge, so these are what have been requested... there's still spots open though *g*

J2 AU: Crash Site - Jared and Jensen just got to know each other, but then an accident happens. (For [ profile] yellowwolf5  who won it at the charity auction for wfdwb)

J2 AU: Dark Knight's Heir - adopted from [info]imogen_lily and turned into an epic monster. Jared has to cope with the fact that his family's a rather excentric batch... the Van Helsings, and hell is on his heels now that a big battle between the forces of good and evil draws near. Features amazing artwork with a complete cast list by [info]insane_songbird : OUT NOW!

J2: My contribution to one of the spnbuddies-writers-exercises, challenge Innuendo, *sigh* see what happens when my brain runs away with me and gets Wriggles

J2+: There's the boys and the girls and there's love. Overall, a shmoopy post-marriage thing, it's sweet, so read it, please? Two weddings and one omitted

For Your Entertainment: J2 BDSM deluxe, Jensen catches Jared's eye in a special club. It gets complicated from there.

Claymore: J2 are soldiers in the Explosive Ordinance Disposal unit in the Afghan desert. Shit blows up.

Strings Attached: J2 are two world class cellists with a penchant for each other.

Roll the Dice: [ profile] au_bingo prompt: WILDCARD - Military; Jared gets a bit blown up, Jensen puts him back together, emotional and ethical dilemmas are had along the way.


Try having his baby: [ profile] hc_bingo prompt: nausea; Quinn Fabray philosphing about school toilets... and other things.


Follow the White Rabbit: [ profile] au_bingo prompt: Future - Cyberpunk; The most legendary hacker of the century goes by the codename of Merlin...

Royal Ass [ profile] hc_bingo  prompt: cursed; Tag to 3X03 - Arthur is cursed, Merlin is amused, there's petting.

Battle Wounds: [ profile] hc_bingo prompt: fighting; There's only one who tends to the King in the aftermath.


On the head of a pin: [ profile] hc_bingo prompt: dub-con: Neal lets Peter do things to him no one else ever noticed he needed. D/s


Turning Tides: No one handles Clay like Gemma does. [ profile] hc_bingo  prompt: Chronic illness


Healing Sideways: [ profile] hc_bingo prompt: counseling/therapy - Eliot deals with the fall out of their case against Moreau


Rip Tide: [ profile] hc_bingo prompt: hostage; Mike and Harvey in a hostage situation. An Epiphany is had.


Push and Pull: [ profile] hc_bingo prompt: abandonment issues. Stiles feels out of place in the supernatural world and when he goes and addresses some issues with the Alpha, unexpected things happen.


Open Fire: [ profile] hc_bingo prompt: explosion. Episode tag to 3x06, Steve finds it harder to deal with what almost happened to Danny than he anticipated.


Dreamscape: [ profile] hc_bingo: prompt: ostracized by society. A Dexter-character study.


Trailer: Third Party Rip-off: Trailer vid for [ profile] insane_songbird's j2-secret-agent's fic that you can find HERE. don't forget to read after watching.

Stages of Grief: Spn Gen vid for the [ profile] hc_bingo challenge.

SPN-Reversebang 2010: The Time is Near - apocalypse style spn-vid with a nice little fic attached.

SPN-Reversebang 2010: Arm yourself - J2 spy-vid with another nice little fic attached.

Parting Ways: Spn Gen vid for the [ profile] hc_bingo prompt: Parting Ways. Character study through season 6.

[ profile] merlinreversebb 2011: Every Fire is a Lesson Learned - Morgana discovers Merlin's magic in a dream and, in revealing him, changes the course for Camelot.

[ profile] spn_j2_bigbang 2012: A Different Kind of Knight - Jared gets kidnapped and extraction specialist Jensen Ackles and team are tasked to get him back in one piece.

SPN-Reversebang 2012: Interlude - Dean faces the madness of converging realities.

Coming soon: Merlin-Reversebang 2012


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