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I thought it was time to put up a little note on FRIENDING POLICY here: Basically I'm open to be friended for fic following purposes (though I'd rather like for the friends not to remain lurkers...) or any other reason. I'll have a look at your profile and entries and you have an active journal I'll friend you back, if there's not much there I won't because I assume that you only have your journal for reading purposes, no harm done. Well, that's kind of it, have fun with the masterlist.
Ok guys, I'm branching out due to my new bingo-addiction that means there will be some new fandoms around here soon, have fun!


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Ok, since it's been some time since I started around here and some stories piled up, I think it's time to produce a masterlist... I don't have much time right now, so I'm going to edit it, but yeah... Thought I'd put in a few summaries after all... Ok guys, I'm branching out due to my new bingo-addiction that means there will be some new fandoms around here soon, have fun!


Damn Sun : Well... AU since No Rest for the Wicked, apparently Sam and Hell go together no matter how or why he tries to save Dean.

Bureaucracy : Tag to Damn Sun, on the funny side of things there's the Devil in Detail
Oneshot: tag

Rainbow Men Masterpost : The guys look into something that sounds like a regular saltn'burn with not so regular political incorrectness concerning gays. They go undercover in Pittsburgh for their research. No actual wincest though.

Eyes Only : Totally forgot to link here, but well... better late. It's about Sam getting more than he's bargained for and liking it way more than he should.

Hope Against Heaven : Tag to 'on the head of a pin' a bit of Dean insight/inside...

All new - The Morningstar-Verse (yeah I got one too, now..):

: yeah, the obligatory apoca-fic. Lucifer rises, but something's not quite right. Yeah, right, they thought he'd be bigger...
Morningstar-verse I Complete

OUT NOW in podfic. By the awesome [ profile] ladyrhyanne More of the verse to come, people!

For the Nov-prompt: Dawning Day Luke discovers life on the road, the family business and some destiny...
Morningstar-verse Oneshot II

Coda to 5X18:  Like a light shining from your eyes  Dean and Michael. Stranger things have happened... (not in that way, perverts)

Supernatural Big Bang 2010: A Hunter's Legacy : Sam and Dean get a call from the past and suddenly there's family business and a seriously fairy problem ahead.


Burning Bridges Masterpost : To quote my precious Birdie, something that was bound to happen, happens, but not the way it should have happened. In the end, they have to sort things out, fun with Chris and Chad on the side.

Supernatural pic_for_fic challenge May: Freak of nature - Dean and Jared muddle through some obstacle (like AUs and clothes of choice) together
Freak-verse Oneshot I

And since I have caved to the readers' wishes, there is a companion piece set for the August challenge of spn_pic_for_fic that has been posted: Nature of Freaks
Freak-verse Oneshot II

Another thing to add to my growing selection of things. I took part in the Drabble MEME challenge, so these are what have been requested... there's still spots open though *g*

J2 AU: Crash Site - Jared and Jensen just got to know each other, but then an accident happens. (For [ profile] yellowwolf5  who won it at the charity auction for wfdwb)

J2 AU: Dark Knight's Heir - adopted from [info]imogen_lily and turned into an epic monster. Jared has to cope with the fact that his family's a rather excentric batch... the Van Helsings, and hell is on his heels now that a big battle between the forces of good and evil draws near. Features amazing artwork with a complete cast list by [info]insane_songbird : OUT NOW!

J2: My contribution to one of the spnbuddies-writers-exercises, challenge Innuendo, *sigh* see what happens when my brain runs away with me and gets Wriggles

J2+: There's the boys and the girls and there's love. Overall, a shmoopy post-marriage thing, it's sweet, so read it, please? Two weddings and one omitted


Try having his baby: [ profile] hc_bingo prompt: nausea; Quinn Fabray philosphing about school toilets... and other things.


Follow the White Rabbit
: [ profile] au_bingo prompt: Future - Cyberpunk; The most legendary hacker of the century goes by the codename of Merlin...


Trailer: Third Party Rip-off
: Trailer vid for [ profile] insane_songbird 's j2-secret-agent's fic that you can find HERE. don't forget to read after watching.

Stages of Grief: Spn Gen vid for the [ profile] hc_bingo challenge.

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Author name: [ profile] wetsammy aka wetsammywinchester
Artist name: [ profile] mangacat201
Genre: J2 RPF
Pairing: Jensen Ackles/Jared Padalecki
Rating: PG (Art only); NC-17 (story)
Word count:24,443
Warnings: Violence
Summary: When alcohol is outlawed during Prohibition, speakeasies crop up all over New York City and people can't get enough of drinking, dancing and live music. Jared's editor at the newspaper assigns the naive young reporter to write reviews of the popular but illegal nightclubs, but he has no idea what he's in for. Meeting Jensen, a bootlegger with a secret, only complicates the situation even more as Jared learns that underneath all the glitter and fun of the speakeasies lies the stink and violence of organized crime.

Artist's Note: Wow, what a wonderful ride. Because despite this being actually the fifth(!) BigBang I've participated in as an artist, I'm still unsure every time whether I've got the chops to do it, or whether my vision to illustrate a story will be enough to do it justice, especially since the time from claiming to drafts always seems so short. However, this time around time was literally not an issue because in reading the summary I already plenty of ideas spring fully formed into my head and could hardly have had more fun in researching the bases for 20s fashion and putting these manips together inspired by the visceral and iconic storytelling in the writing. I have literally no idea how I managed to put together so many pieces this year and it was my utter pleasure to learn new techniques to make my ideas come alive on the screen. This is also the first time I've tried animated art, a fantastic crossover between my vidding passion and photo manipulation I've been branching out into. I'd like to thank [ profile] wetsammy a lot for providing me with the perfect inspiration through her story, of course [ profile] wendy for her tireless work every year in making the [ profile] spn_j2_bigbang challenge a forum for so many talented people to come together and create fabulous things (I swear, one of these years I'll actually submit a story again) and my friends and cheerleaders like silkylustre who gave me feedback on the drafts and made them better. Anyway, for those of you still reading, please enjoy the art and go read the story, it IS fabulous!

Art under the Cut! )
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Artist: [ profile] mangacat201
Author: [ profile] brutti_ma_buoni
Pairing/Characters: Jared/Jensen
Rating: R
Wordcount: 6400
I don’t own their images, that honor falls to the CW and Eric Kripke in terms of Supernatural and of course to Jared and Jensen in terms of themselves, I just play in the sandbox without looking for profit.

Warnings/Spoilers: No warnings for the art, except antique nudity, I guess. Please refer to the story masterpost for further warnings.

Summary: In a nation where adult destinies are set by draft, Jensen's always known he and Jared can't expect to be together. But he dreamed it might happen all the same. And when Jared's destiny turns bad, Jensen isn't about to leave him alone. Whatever it takes.

A/N: Man, this challenge was so easy and so hard this year, I can't even begin to describe it. Easy in the way my artwork came together from an idea to a fully fleshed out piece, hard in the way that I had little time to be a helping hand in the writing process, much less make more piece. Real life is a tough bitch sometimes. But I still want to thank [ profile] brutti_ma_buoni a big bunch, because she managed to tease out so much more from this pic than I had dared to imagine and delivered a truly engaging, world building story that blew me away. That's what I love about this challenge at [ profile] spn_reversebang and I'm grateful that I get to be a part of it again this year.

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Video: High Quality Download
Fic: I Stumble Forward

Artist: [ profile] mangacat201
Author: [ profile] alexisjane

Word Count: 61.5k
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: inaccurate depictions/descriptions of addiction and recovery/mental health issues/medical intervention/the IT industry/Texas, self harm, blood, unsafe driving practices, M/M sex, mentions of past parental death, unhappy childhood, messed up family dynamics/relationships, little itty bit of homophobia.

Vid-Rating/Warnings: PG-13, allusions to alcohol abuse and related behaviour

Summary: Jensen is trying to start a new life and not complicate it with a past he isn't ready to share with potential girlfriend, Genevieve. But when she introduces him to her troubled brother, Jared, things get complicated fast and the men end up with a secret of their own. But there's another secret, one which neither of them holds, one that will not just break their lives apart emotionally but could have bloody, fatal consequences. If Jensen can pick his way through the minefield of lies and half truths, he and Jared might finally have a chance at happiness – Sometimes you have to save someone else, before you can save yourself.

A/N: Big Bang's are not only challenges because authors and artists agree to set themselves big tasks, they're also always a bit of a gamble for both sides in the rush to describe the stories and claim the summaries and not really knowing what you'll get once the frenzy is done. And this year, I've certainly been paired with the most wonderful, supportive author in [ profile] alexisjane whose story I read with pleasure for the great cast of characters, sudden twists and gorgeous visual scenes. Still, at the beginning I found myself really struggling with figuring out how I could and would like to illustrate the story with my medium of choice, which led to a period of denialist procrastination. But in the end, I was not going to let my author down and back away from a challenge and with her encouragement and enthusiasm, suddenly it all came together and I was able to create a vid that I'm really happy with because it gives you glimpses of the story and the central character dynamics with a teasing edge that will hopefully make you want to read it. So, thank you, [ profile] alexisjane for your unending patience and squee, it was great working with you, thank you, mods for the incredible amount of effort you put into running this challenge so smoothly and thank you readers/viewers for coming back every year to share this time with us!

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... whoever wrote [ profile] spn_j2_bigbang story JaredJensen - 28 - I Stumble Forward ...

feel free to send me an early birthday present (you'll get my email via pm)! I'm excited and looking forward to delving into the story and see what I can do!
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... I need somebody to cheer me on so I actually finish this fic. Please come squee with me?
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Title: Requiem
Rating: NC-17
Video rating: R (for some nudity)

Pairing: Jared/Jensen (J2)
Characters: Jensen, Jared, Misha, Chad Michael Murray, Christian Kane, brief Soya Suicide (as Summer), Candice Accola (as Holly), brief Danneel, mentions of Sandy, brief mention of Genevieve
Word Count: ~42,600
Artist: [ profile] mangacat201
Beta: Charlie, [ profile] soserendipity, [ profile] xdarkdesires

Warnings: blasphemy, homophobia, demon!Chad

Summary: Jensen Ross Ackles is a devout Catholic. He’s been turned from civilian to priest due to a demon possessing his lovely wife Danneel. His devotion to God has gone above and beyond sitting in a church every Sunday and he works alongside some local hunters to exorcise any and every demon they come across. However, Jensen never expects to meet a demon who’s possessing a very familiar person. Now, he’s torn between wanting to regain everything he gave up and striving towards the holiness he gave it up for.

SPOILER WARNING: The video as an art piece for this story is less of a teaser and more of a companion piece, therefore be advised that it contains extensive spoilers for the story as a whole. Don't say I didn't warn you, but now go enjoy!

High quality download version: mediafire

A/N: Sooooo, can't believe this is already the second time that I'm participating in BigBang season as an artist. This year, again I didn't make the writer's deadline, but was lucky enough to find one story that spoke to me and that I thought I could make a vid for and I'm once again very pleased with the result. My dear author [ profile] syngates_guitar was a fantastic sport, patient, supportive, squeeing, very excited and a pleasure to work with. I'm really glad that I could provide a great companion piece for her story, that was so rich in imagery and references to the show that I didn't have trouble at all putting this together. I really love participating in this challenge and I hope we can be around for many years to come.


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